It is the sum of experiences and projects carried out by a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers, designers and manufacturers.

A heterogeneous team and able to respond to creative projects, which provides a distinctive and definitive formula to deliver results with different perspectives, towards a creative horizon, efficient and possible.

Architecture + Design + Manufacture


Verónica Vitriago

Project Director


Architecture  and engineering are key aspects of the way we understand projects.

This common language and the knowledge of manufacturing and industrial technologies, which generates integrated symbiotic relationship with the client: from concept to installation or on-site production.


José Ángel Morato

Founder and Creative Director


Our team´s track record spans more than 20 years of experience in graphic design, digital and industrial; and allows us to deal with any project with successful results.

As creative there are no limits, every solution is unique and the aim is to reach it with excellence.


Blas Medina

Manufacturing Director


Our differentiating character is marked by our knowledge of production processes.

That´s why we produce our own creations. That way we control  the processes, the timing, materials and we achieve global solutions for any country, with finishes and the best levels of quality.

Infinite team

Sandra Sebastián


Jesús Rivas

Design and Product Development Director

Andrés Menchén

Art Director

Irene Carmona


Raúl Calderón

Project Manager

Daniel Galán

Art Director

External collaborators

Pedro Menéndez


Alejandro Redondo


César Alonso

Landscape architect